Luxury Postponed

The UK release date of Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy DVD has been pushed back to July.

© Channel 4 / Secret Peter

© Channel 4 / Secret Peter

Those of us who have been counting down the days until we could immerse ourselves in the kaleidoscope of Noel’s mind will sadly have a few more months to wait. The UK release was previously scheduled for later this month, but the revised date of 1st July will hopefully coincide with Series 2 of the show. So with any luck we’ll be able to enjoy double the mind candy, come the summer!

Australian fans have been able to buy the Series 1 Luxury Comedy DVD since August 2012 – more than 10 months before us Brits can get our mitts on it! Patience is a virtue etc.

Don’t forget you can pre-order from TVO’s amazon store for only £11.99, so you’ll receive it as soon as it’s released.

6 Comments on Luxury Postponed

  1. Why is it being released somewhere other than its country of origin first? That seems a bit odd to me. At least it’s something to look forward to, though!


  2. I share the same opinion. I thought the origin country has it first


  3. I’m looking forward to having some “Luxury” in my life. Despite what some critics said about the show – you could never acuse the show of being bland! No-one does it quite like Noel! I’m looking forward to the stuff like the extras etc!


  4. No disrespect intended, but as an Australian fan, I don’t see why it should necessarily be released in it’s country of origin first. Are we somehow less deserving or less legitimate fans or something? I agree it’s annoying for you guys, but this happens to us in Australia all the time 🙂


    • In desparation I got the region 4 (Australia) DVD of this, and I’m really surprised at the huge number of music substitions. (What’s really odd is Noel’s ringtone in the first episode is substituted but the original is included in a later episode.)


  5. At least you have a date to look forward to, there is no release date that I can find for Canada.


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