Steve’s Heading Out

Steve Oram is set to star in Heading Out, written by and starring Sue Perkins.

© Mardel Plata Film Fest

© Mardel Plata Film Fest

The new sitcom also stars a multitude of comedy names including Dawn French, Jo Scanlan, Mark Heap, Steve Pemberton, Jeff Rawle, Mel Giedroyc, Dominic Coleman, Nicola Walker, Anna Skellern and June Brown!

Sue Perkins herself describes the show as a mid-life crisis story about a group of people around 40 who still have a student-like relationship with each other. The central character is a successful vet – Sara (Perkins) – but has yet to get round to telling her parents she is gay.

The first episode happens on Sara’s 40th birthday and the friends club together to pay for her to have therapy with an eccentric therapist (Scanlan) and the episodes carry on from there. Steve Oram plays Sara’s co-vet.

The show due to be aired on BBC 2 in the New Year, and as soon as we hear more you will be the first to know!

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