Return Of The Baron

© Gareth Tunley / Tom Meeten

Many moons ago, Tom Meeten had an infamous live character known only as The Baron.  A monstrosity of pure evil, he later appeared on the highly divisive sketch show Blunder for Channel 4 – ironically, getting a lot of abuse from vocal Boosh fans, who thought the character was ripped off The Hitcher.

Now, of course, those of us in the know knew no such ripping was taking place, and we at TVO Towers really loved The Baron.  So we’re overjoyed to learn there’s life in the little shit yet!

Over at comic turned director Gareth Tunley‘s blog, you can see a series of behind the scenes photos, and a camera test from the short film he is developing with Meeten based on the character.  The make-up tests and moody locations suggest this is certainly going to be a different beast, but as ever when Tunley is at the helm of a TVO related short, we’re confident the results will be worth the wait!

You can find a classic clip of The Baron in his earlier incarnation below, and we’ll be bringing you more news on the work of Meeten & Tunley as soon as possible, so stay peeled.

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