Being Barratt

Earlier this year, we broke the news that Colin Hoult would be joining the cast of Being Human in the new year, for the fifth season of the sci-fi smash.  Today, we learnt that he won’t be alone from the realm of TVO!

© Talkback Thames

© Talkback Thames

Appearing in the guest role of Larry in one episode will be none other than Julian Barratt!  The jazz maverick can be seen briefly in a trailer for the new season on BBC3, over on their official website brandishing some kind of weapon at the camera.

For the uninitiated, Being Human tells the story of a house-share between a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost.  It’s original stars, Aiden Turner and Sinead Keenan departed at the end of its third series, whilst Lenora Crichlow and Mongrels guest star Russell Tovey left during series four earlier this year – with an explosive finale featuring the likes of Mark Gatiss, no less.



The show is surrounded in secrecy, so it may be some time yet before we find out more about Colin & Julian’s roles, or if Laura Patch will be making another appearance as goth vampire Michaela, but they’re joining stars Michael Socha, Damien Molony and Kate Bracken as werewolf Tom, vampire Hal and ghost Alex for at least one episode each, and we’ll be bringing you more news as soon as we can.

2 Comments on Being Barratt

  1. I haven’t even started season 1 yet…I better be hurry to catch till season 5.

    Love seeing Ju on screen again


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