Tony and Tom go Sightseeing

To celebrate the UK release of Sightseers, we asked stars Tony Way and Tom Meeten a few related questions via the magic of electronic mail…

© L: Columbia Pictures / R: Dave Brown

© L: Columbia Pictures / R: Dave Brown

Hello, gents! Now… have you ever been on a caravanning holiday?

Tony: Yes. Most of my early childhood holidays were spent in various caravans, mostly in the area of Clacton-On-Sea. I used to love it, but not as much as my parents, they now live there and still regularly caravan. I’m not sure I’m up for caravan holidays any more, although as I answer this question I am sat in my trailer on the set of All You Need is Kill so, in a way, I am caravanning right now.

Tom: No, never would, it looks awful especially given the amount of murders that seem to happen.

Have you seen any of the attractions visited by Tina and Chris in Sightseers?

Tony: I had the great fortune to visit the Keswick Pencil Museum a few years ago whilst staying in the Lake District. All I can say is – believe the hype! It’s better than ten Alton Towers! I got to film at the tram museum, I loved that place, you can’t be unhappy on a tram, they just make you smile.

Tom: No, not in real life. Apart from Steve’s beard. Which is obviously an attraction… I’ve touched that!

Where is the worst holiday you have ever had?

Tony: Amsterdam, many years ago, it was the best and worst weekend, for reasons I will not go into now…

Tom: I don’t think I have ever been on a horrible holiday. Having said that I think it’s very un-English to return from being away and say: ‘It was bloody awful, it rained constantly and I was totally bored’. You are more likely to subtly reference the weather. ‘Yeah, we had a few nice days.’ I expect if I thought about it, there were a few holidays in my childhood in Scotland when it rained constantly. But I didn’t care… I was a simple child! Still am. Had a few holidays with mental scarring, but connected to people, not the holidays themselves, and I wouldn’t want to go into details as I am a gentleman. Apart from that one with Fiona Radcliffe in Southend! What a bitch!

© Rook Films / Big Talk / Studio Canal / Film 4 / Jules Heath

© Rook Films / Big Talk / Studio Canal / Film 4 / Jules Heath

Who would you like to go caravanning with, and where would you go?

Tony: I would say my Girlfriend, but she has been very clear about never wanting to step foot in a caravan. I can’t drive, so with someone who can, and we would cross America, maybe dip into Mexico, maybe cook up a batch of crystal meth on the way. It would be a Breaking Bad themed journey.

Tom: Fiona Radcliffe to Southend, then do a Sightseers on her. Not really, she doesn’t exist. I would like to go caravanning with Ray Mears, to the Amazon. That’d be amazing. I think it would be a bit like Herzog’s Fitzcarraldo… But with a caravan and Ray and less rampant monkeys.

How would you persuade someone to go and see Sightseers in 10 words?

Tony: Go and see it, go on, it’s really, really good.

Tom: Hilarious, beautifully crafted, darkly moving, wonderfully acted and the glorious North. (11! And doesn’t even make sense ((now gone up to 16!)) now 20 not including numbers)))

After those persuasive words how can you resist going along? If you are still unsure, have a look at the trailer below and if you decide to go, don’t forget to take a picture of your tickets and enter our competition. And if you decide not to go… why are you here, again?

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