Dead Dog, White Rabbit

Image © Lauren Taylor / The Velvet Onion

A rare chance to see Dead Dog In Black Bag arrives this weekend – and if that isn’t reason enough to attend, it may be the last chance you’ll have for quite some time to check out our favourite electropop comics.

The duo, comprising Holly Jane Shears and Suzy Evelyn-Hall will be appearing at The White Rabbit on Stoke Newington Church Street, Hackney (nearest tube stops: Manor House and Dalston Kingsland), alongside Annique and You Are Wolf.

Those attending will not only enjoy their glorious brand of high-energy electronica fused satire-pop, they’ll also hear a massive announcement about the future of the band.  Now, this is where TVO feels we must assure you all is well and there’s plenty of life in the Dead Dog yet.

However, for reasons that will soon become apparent, they will be taking a bit of a breather – and they’d love some of their trusty and loyal fans to see them off before this sabbatical.

Tickets are available now, for just £5 direct from the venue by calling 020 3556 3350.  So put your best Black Bag on, and get on down to Hackney this weekend!

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