Standard Nerds

© Qwertee

It’s that time again… Qwertee have launched their latest IT Crowd inspired tee… and this one is the best yet!

Paying homage to the video-game influenced title sequences, this Nintendo-styled tee features the polygonal likenesses of Chris O’DowdRichard Ayoade and Katherine Parkinson, and can be bought for the next 48 hours over at Qwertee, before being retired indefinitely… so get in there whilst you can!

Pop on over to their website over yonder to buy the shirt for just £8, €10 or $12 plus postage and packaging in the next 24 hours, with the price popping upwards a little after that.

In other related news, the long awaited grand finale of The IT Crowd saga looks likely to film next Spring, according to creator Graham Linehan – who has mooted a filming date of May 2013.  We’ll keep you peeled on any further developments, and in the meantime, spread your love for the show by buying this epic tee!

1 Comment on Standard Nerds

  1. I may or may not have actually squealed at this post.
    More IT Crowd is just heaven. x


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