Down Terrace On Telly!

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Before he wowed film critics and audiences alike with Kill List and set about bringing The Sightseers and forthcoming period piece A Field In England  to the big screen, Ben Wheatley made his feature debut with stonking great movie, Down Terrace.

Starring Robert Hill & Robin Hill, the comedy drama sees father and son criminals try to find out who the traitor in their midsts really is.  Dubbed “The Royale Family meets The Sopranos” by Radio Times, the film also features Spaced veterans Julia Deakin and Michael Smiley, alongside TVO’s very own Tony Way and Gareth Tunley.

This weekend sees Down Terrace receive it’s terrestrial première – airing Sunday 28th October on BBC2 at 11:30pm.  You can view the official trailer for the film below.

Whilst we can’t be certain at the time of ‘going to press’, the film may also be available on iPlayer for 7 days after transmission, but if you can’t see it either way, it’s also available on R2 dvd in The Velvet Onion Amazon UK Store, R1 dvd in our US Store, and a North American blu-ray in both.

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