Wednesday Night Was Barratt Night!

Yesterday evening we witnessed not one, but two unexpected appearances from everyone’s favourite tiny-eyed Yorkshireman.

© Unknown

Julian Barratt‘s silky voice popped up without warning as the narrator on the Channel 4 programme My Tattoo Addiction. This documentary explores the world of tattoos; the artists, the reasons why people have them and what happens when they regret them.

What’s more, one of the tattooed characters in the film (inked with multiple images of Miley Cyrus) has previously been in the line-up round on the current series of Never Mind The Buzzcocks. Small world, eh?

The programme is available to view on 4oD for a further 23 days by clicking here. Unfortunately this content may not be available in all countries.

The second surprise appearance from Mr Barratt took the form of a guest performance at the Tenacious D gig at the Hammersmith Appollo in London. Julian popped up on stage during a sequence in which the band claimed to have shifted their musical style to jazz. There followed a freeform ‘jazz off’ between Julian and the band. You can check out some rather wobbly footage of the event by taking a look here. Howard Moon lives on!

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