What Noel Did Next

The excitement generated by Noel Fielding and Rich Fulcher‘s visit to Australia has got fans in the US asking when they can have a turn. Indeed, an online campaign has kicked off with the aim of letting Noel’s management know that it’s time he headed Stateside.

© Prudence Upton

We contacted his management to find out if a trip to the US is on the cards in the near future and, sadly, it looks like we may have to wait a while. Here’s what they told us: “There are no plans for an American tour at the moment – he’s right back into work on the second series of Luxury Comedy when he’s back from Australia.” They reckon it’s probably going to keep him busy until Autumn 2013.

While that means lots of new Luxury Comedy goodies for everyone, unfortunately it doesn’t bode well for overseas tours between now and then. But while there might be a long wait ahead, the campaign that fans are organising can’t do any harm in making sure the US is top of mind as a destination if and when the much-talked-about Luxury Comedy live shows are being planned. Here’s hoping!

In other Noel live news, some of you may be aware that he was forced to cancel his first (Tuesday) Melbourne show at the last-minute due to illness. Ticket holders weren’t informed until after the scheduled start of the show which, understandably, has caused some consternation amongst fans. All Tuesday tickets will be valid for the rescheduled show on Thursday evening (or given full refunds if preferred). We hope everyone who has been affected by the cancellation has been able to re-organise themselves around the date change; we know how long you guys have been waiting for this!

Finally, please don’t forget to send us your pictures, reviews and comments from Noel and Rich’s trip to Australia. We’ll be compiling a review article over the weekend, and it’d be great to have as many of you included. For more information click here. Thanks!

8 Comments on What Noel Did Next

  1. Wow, I feel as though I have made it in life, my efforts have made it onto the Velvet Onion! Thanks so much for mentioning the campaign, when I started it, I was aware that Noel had intended to finish working on Series 2 of Luxury Comedy first, but I just wanna make sure he and his management knows that when it’s time to plan for tour time, the US and Canada are DYING for his return! This is incredible in reaching more people, so if anyone reading this would like to be a part of the video we are making, please send an email to pleasetournoel@gmail.com, let me know that you came from TVO and I will fill you in on what we are doing! Thanks again Velvet Onion!!!


  2. What about his English following? He cancelled his UK tour 2 years ago and still hasn’t rescheduled. Still well miffed, get it sorted, please!


  3. Okay that’s all very well, but how do I apply to get the role of a rogue tree/ some mythical toaster in Luxury Comedy?


  4. I second that! UK tour soon! Pleassssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. I miss the moon!


  6. What about Canada? We always get forgotten.


  7. It would be nice to get some action in minnesota. *first ave*


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