Feeling The Love For Sightseers

© Tom Meeten

Yesterday evening saw the UK Premier of Sightseers, the movie by director Ben Wheatley, featuring Alice Lowe and Steve OramWe’ve been getting excited about it for a while now, and it appears that we’re not alone!

Following yesterday’s screening at the BFI London Film Festival, anyone and everyone who was there has been tweeting excitedly about the film – and that includes many TVO favourites. Here’s a selection of some of them:

“Sightseers is killer!
Magic weavers @mr_wheatley, @alicelowe, @steve_oram are utterly brilliant.” Tom Meeten
“Just seen sightseers movie. Utterly brilliant, astonishing. Very very happy for @alicelowe and @steve_oram” Waen Shepherd
“Holy shit. Brilliant. #Sightseers” Rachel Stubbings
“SIGHTSEERS is brilliant! Huge congratulations to Alice Lowe and Steve Oram!” James Wren, Hen & Chickens
“Sightseers is bloody brilliant. Horrible and touching.” Reece Shearsmith
“Just saw Sightseers from the brill @alicelowe and Steve Oram. Tis great!” Robert Popper

Other choice comments imcluded “Crazy caravan dreams courtesy of @bigtalk’s excellent Sightseers last night, & bravo @alicelowe for rocking split crotch knitted underwear,” and, “stand out film I’ve seen at #LFF. Hilarious, gruesome + beautiful scenery. Alice Lowe – deadpan masterclass!”.

Cine Vue have also reviewed the film very positively, saying of it: “In a year sorely lacking in intelligent laughs, Sightseers hits just the right chords nearly every step of the way. A heady blend of murders, melancholy, pagan rituals (once again) and giant pencils, this may well be the blackest – and best – British comedy since Chris Morris’ Four Lions.

Hopefully that little lot has whetted your appetite to see the film… and it all ties in perfectly with what we’ve been saying since we saw it back in August! It hits UK cinemas for its general release from 30th November, and there’s a string of preview events still to come before then – for more info, see this earlier peeling.

Tell us what you think!

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