Strictly Come Branding

Tonight’s red button extra instalment of immensely popular hit Strictly Come Dancing will feature a familiar face from Onion land in the form of Katy Brand.



The comic actress and author will join former Strictly champion and professional dancer Karen Hardy to commentate live on the couples’ performances via the red button.

You can expect a mixture of insight and irreverence as they give you the heads up on who’s hot and who’s not on the dancefloor before the judges have their say, between 6:30pm and 8:25pm tonight on BBC1.

Katy is no stranger to dance competitions, preceding Noel Fielding in Let’s Dance For Comic Relief a few years ago, which you can see again below.

1 Comment on Strictly Come Branding

  1. I remember her dancing to Single Ladies! Russell Howard referred to the song when he quoted a wrong answer to ‘Why has Saturn got three rings?’ – the child answered in his exam ‘God liked it so he put three rings on it’!

    Love, Barbara


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