Orphic Music Mysteries

© Chris Corner / IAMX

Art enthusiasts and IAMX fans can now feast their eyes on a Orphic showreel.

Orphic is Chris Corner‘s art collective which makes “images for music”, both still and moving. In this showreel, made by Chris, you can see highlights from music videos made by Orphic (including James Cook‘s music videos!) as well as unseen material from coming music videos.

In true CC fashion, it’s all very stylistic and sharp and it is well worth watching two or three (or ten) times in case you missed something the first time. The video features an IAMX soundtrack so it’s a delight for both ears and eyes.

Watch the showreel on the IAMX Youtube channel or here below.

Moreover, all fans can rejoice because the first single of the new IAMX album is going to be released in early December! The single will be released digitally and the release will have two new songs, two remixes as well as two music videos. As you can see in the photo adorning this post, Chris is already making use of the Pledge money to make these glorious new music videos.

Don’t forget that IAMX is going on tour with their new material in 2013. Six shows have been announced so far but there are plenty more to come. All tickets links can be found at the official tour page.

Mar 28th Ancienne Belgique Brussels, Belgium
Apr 4th Roxy Prague, Czech Republic
Apr 11th Astra Berlin, Germany
Apr 13th Gasometer Vienna, Austria
Apr 18th Electric Ballroom London, UK
May 25th Gagarin 205 Athens, Greece

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