Bring Me Back A Pledger


At last, at last – the day has come. The fifth IAMX album is finally available for pre-order!

Today, October 1st, the new IAMX album can be pledged for over here at PledgeMusic. However, that is only the tip of the iceberg. You can not only pre-order the new album but the fans who help with funding have the opportunity to pledge for other amazing items (and events)!

Have you ever fancied owning your very own IAMX stage costume or a signed poster? What about exchanging emails with the one and only Chris Corner? Or you’ve maybe taken it a step further and dreamed of having dinner with him? It’s all there, within your reach.

Posters, lyric-sheets, DVDs, signed guitars and having Chris Corner remix one of your songs (!) and so much more is available. We are already drooling at the mere thought of it all.

Don’t worry, even if you only pre-order the album you will still get the royal treatment. Everyone who pledges will get exclusive, special updates regarding the album which includes artwork and lyrics.

Head over to PledgeMusic now to read more about how pledging works and to see what other grand items can be yours. Be quick though, some items are available in limited quantity.

This is not the only exciting IAMX news. Slowly but surely the band is adding new tour dates for 2013. It is during these shows that the brand new material will be played. It is worth keeping an eye on their Facebook page and their official website to be 100% up to date.  So far the announced dates are:

Mar 28th Ancienne Belgique Brussels, Belgium
Apr 4th Roxy Prague, Czech Republic
Apr 11th Astra Berlin, Germany

There will be many more shows and not only in Europe. Impatient North American fans can rejoice and celebrate the fact that IAMX will come visit and play in 2013. They have started to book an American tour but there are no exact dates are available yet. We promise to keep you updated.

Overwhelmed? Overjoyed? Excited? Check, check, check! Go pre-order the new album immediately and join us as we joyously await the day we have the album in our hands.

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