How To Live Your Life With Songs And Maybe Jokes

It’s a bumper news day for Dan Clark fans and here is a summary of what’s to be expected!

A trailer for Clarks upcoming UK tour with These Songs May Contain Jokes has been released!  Clark begins the journey in Nottingham on 25th October with his band including Jimmy Simms and Ben Parker. They’ll be taking some new songs, some old and some How Not To Live… classics on the road with them.

Check out the trailer below and if that couldn’t hype it up anymore, we’ve been unanimous at TVO HQ that the show is astoundingly better than it comes across!  Clark will start in Nottingham and then heading to Brighton, Birmingham, Manchester, London, Bath and rounding it all off in Cardiff. Book your tickets right here and keep peeling for anymore info that comes our way!

If you are unable to make the tour or just can’t get enough of Clark & co, then here is your reminder that the full boxset of How Not To Live Your Life will be available to buy from next Monday! From 1st October you can get your hands on all three series of the show plus the Christmas special finale and some extra special features in one chunky boxset. Bag it in our TVO Shop along with Dan Clark’s full back-catalogue of work!

The Christmas special not only guest-starred Julia Davis as a hilarious, Human Remains-esque creepy neighbour, but the show has been sprinkled with so many great cameos throughout that it’s been a treat in itself.  Rich Fulcher fronted the cameos when he appeared in the original pilot (which we are yet to get our hands on since it’s airing!) , also Arnab Chanda makes a great appearance as the teen that bullies Don for being ‘old’. Plus Tom Meeten made a great triple appearance, first as a Michael Jackson impersonator, an angry tramp and then as an uptight interviewer – (I’d like to imagine that this was all one character throughout the lifespan of the show).

One of the most memorable cameos of all had to be Julian Barratt playing Jackson; Sam’s boyfriend the poetic and “melody-word-formation” (song) writer in series two. For the premier episode of series three, Noel Fielding then took a different turn for his cameo as Marcus, Don’s slick straight-talking boss.

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