Noel News Round-Up

© Hooligan Art Dealer

It’s one of those weeks when there are a few Noel Fielding-related happenings to tell you about, so we thought we’d wrap them all up in a handy single-serving…cos we’re nice like that:

There’s a short and charmingly modest interview with Noel in today’s Sunday Times in the Witter column. Unfortunately, The Times isn’t available to view online without a subscription (boo!), but in the article Noel talks about starting meditation (“I like to imagine it’s like a chimney sweeper cleaning out all the thoughts in my head”), the fact that he can sell his paintings for serious amount of money (“One sold for £10,000. I was flabbergasted. I had to lie down for a year”), and tanking on stage in the early days (“Once I died at a ball in Wales. Orville the Duck was on after me and he smashed it!”). Worth a read if you can get your hands on it.

© Channel 4

Next up is a reminder to hunker down in front of the telly (or set your videos…or whatever it is folk do these days) at 10pm tomorrow, Monday, for the first episode of the new series of Never Mind the Buzzcocks. The series airs on BBC2 and once again, features Noel as one of the team captains.

What’s more you can also end your week with a serving of Noel on the box, as he and Richard Ayoade appear on Channel 4’s Big Fat Quiz of the 00s.

The show airs at 9pm on 30th September, with Alan Carr, Kevin Bridges, David Mitchell, Sarah Millican also starring (with Jimmy Carr as host, of course).

And finally, something for Fielding fans that’s not strictly news, but has been taking the discussion boards by storm this weekend. Some of you have already been there, done that, but for those who haven’t, Noel Fielding’s Luxury Dress Up Game by oohyeahthatpleasesme  allows you to design Noel’s wardrobe by choosing from a selection of his best-known outfits, from both on and off-screen. While this isn’t the kind of thing we usually write about on TVO, this particular game is so well-done and so much fun, we had to share it. Click here to play the Beta version.

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