Terry Nutkins: 1946-2012

The Velvet Onion is saddened to report the death of Terry Nutkins.



A veteran of British television, Nutkins presented wildlife shows Animal Magic, The Really Wild ShowBrilliant Creatures and Growing Up Wild to name but a few.   There’s not a person alive in Britain over the age of fifteen who hasn’t at some point enjoyed the work of Terry Nutkins.

In 2010, he spoofed his animal-loving image in the first series of TVO’s very own Mongrels – firstly performing Semi-Automatic Surgery on Nelson the Fox, and later attempting to take Marion’s one remaining life before he could have his way with his kitten girlfriend.

Prior to this, he also became a subject for a joke in The Mighty Boosh in a similarly vulpine themed episode – The Strange Tale Of The Crack Fox.  When an imprisoned Naboo took control of a trendy friend of Vince Noir, he accidentally revealed that Vince was once caught tonguing a photo of Terry in his Really Wild Show annual!

A true tv great and a cultural reference point to generations, Nutkins sadly died from leukaemia yesterday, aged 66.  Our thoughts are with his family and friends.  For more news on this story, visit BBC News.

1 Comment on Terry Nutkins: 1946-2012

  1. Terry Nutkins and Gemini the sealion revolutionised Animal Magic. He will be missed. I’m aware that comment sounds deeply sarcastic, but I promise it’s genuine!


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