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The short film Dead Happy starring Alice LoweTom Meeten, Clare Thomson and Justin Edwards is now available to buy on iTunes.

Shot back in 2010, the film was written by David Lemon and directed by Nicky Lianos, who also helmed Monsters & Rabbits featuring Lowe & James Bachman the previous year.

It stars Alice as a Grim Reaper, bored of her 9-5 job, and looking for love.  Beautifully shot with drained colours and a delicate flight of fancy powered by a deadpan script and some off-kilter performances, the short is something of a forgotten classic which is more than worth your attention.

After several screenings on Sky Movies HD throughout 2010, the film is now – at long last – available to own for just £1.49 in the UK, and $1.99 in the US.  For more info on the film itself, visit Nicky’s website over yonder.

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  1. Alice Lowe was very funny and made a cute reaper


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