The Mighty Teacher

Sometimes the weird and occasionally wonderful world of social media provides an unexpected smile. Yesterday was one such moment, as #ThingsILearnedFromTheMightyBoosh achieved world trend status on twitter.

© Dave Brown / Baby Cow Productions

© Dave Brown / Baby Cow Productions

Boosh folk and fans alike seized on the hashtag, using it as an opportunity to share their happiest memories of The Mighty Boosh. There was everything from “To succeed in life, I need a door in my hair!” (Mike Frankish) and “Never let a crack fox near your medicine cabinet” (Ellie Shaw), to “Roger Daltrey hoovers for nobody” (Shane) – and everything in between, including lots of mentions of ponchos, Baileys and cheese/meat.

Those involved in the series added this to the hashtag conversation:

“Far too much to tweet” and “Mike can’t eat chocolate cheesecake” (Dave Brown)
“I learnt that the Boosh fans are the best fans in the world x x x love you freaks” and “Tony Harrison learnt that its best to buy poppers in bulk” (Noel Fielding)
“The Boosh boys don’t like learning their lines” and “Spiders have eight pensises” (Spencer Millman)
“What goes on tour stays on tour” (Peter Kyriacou)
“Never try to get on a bouncy castle in crutches!” (Lliana Bird)

To read through the comments (which are still coming through thick and fast a whole day later!), take a look at #ThingsILearnedFromTheMightyBoosh. You see, twitter can be a happy place!

5 Comments on The Mighty Teacher

  1. Was totally suprized that we managed to get this trending – even more suprized when Noel commented on it! I love The Boosh so much. I just wish they’ll do another series or a film.. anything!


    • I was the creator of this wonderful tag and the beginning of a tremendous night. 31/8 every year until Noel and Julian make a new series with the obvious other additions should be Booshageddon night and we should get it trending per anum.



  2. It’s a great hashtag, and it certainly captured the imaginations of loads of people out there. Not sure whether its influence stretches to commissioning another series though – but an opportunity to share the Boosh love!


  3. I didn’t realise it trended worldwide! I know myself and everyone on my timeline was madly tweeting and retweeting, but this is amazing.


  4. It was actually #ThingsILearntFromTheMightyBoosh. Not with an “ed”. With a “t”. “ThingsILearntFromLuxuryComedy” was trending briefly.


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