For The Win Is A Winner!

A wee while ago a very funny and fabulously silly pilot called For The Win graced BBC Three’s website. Now we’re delighted to be able to reveal that it’s going to be on the tellybox!



For The Win features several TVO favourites amongst its cast, including Rich Fulcher, Richard Glover and John Hopkins (who also co-created and directed/wrote the show)

John has said that he wanted to give For The Win the same attention and detail that goes into a live show: “Oddly, TV productions are often so much more rushed, due to money and other stuff, than a show on the live circuit would be. To me this is strange because TV shows are there forever,”  he said.

The pilot will be broadcast during the coveted late prime time slot on a Friday evening. Tune in to BBC Three on Friday 7th September at 22:00 to watch the show (and then, assuming you enjoy it as much as we did, bombard the Beeb with demands for a full series).

Thanks to the very lovely John, we’ve been lucky enough to get our hands on one of the original sketches which was used to secure the pilot, and it includes some never-seen-before cameos from a whole host of well-knownTVO-related names… let’s just say you might be surprised who you see!

Take a look below, and we promise that you’ll be doing your own tiny smiles before the day is out…

If that tickled your funny bone, don’t forget to tune into For The Win on BBC Three on Friday 7th September.

Look out for more about John’s work on TVO soon; in the meantime, why not check out some of his other stuff here?

1 Comment on For The Win Is A Winner!

  1. sljdhjkasdnal

    At first I was happily doing a tiny smile of my own and suddenly there’s a Noel on my screen. And Dave… Oh Dave.


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