Party On!

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The hit Radio 4 sitcom Party, featuring Anna Crilly and Katy Wix amongst its cast, has been given a third series.

The show is about a group of students attempting to formulate a new political group from the confines of a garden shed. However, the five protagonists rarely achieve any progress, with their discussions descending into trivial chat or bickering. As the BBC website explains, “(It’s) a satirical comedy about a group of young idealists trying to change the world with a fresh new political party. Unfortunately their naivety, vanity, hypocrisy and ignorance often gets in the way.”

Party began life as an award-winning play at the 2009 Edinburgh Festival, before a successful London run. It’s written by and features Tom Basden, who’s also responsible for Fresh Meat (amongst others).

The new series will be recorded on the 5th and 12th September at the BBC Radio Theatre, with two episodes recorded each night. To apply for tickets for the recordings click here.

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