Horrible And Full Lenth

Award-winning kids’ TV series Horrible Histories is set to be developed into a feature-length movie.

© Lion TV / BBC

© Lion TV / BBC

The popular show has encouraged a generation to children to renew their interest in history, thanks to its uniquely comical approach to subject. Producer, Caroline Norris recently said of a full-length film: “We are in negotiations on a movie and we’re are trying to sort out the rights with a US company.” However, she stressed that the project was still in its early stage.

Norris revealed that if given the go-ahead, the movie would utilise the Monty Python’s Flying Circus approach of linking sketches together to form a narrative suitable for the big screen. Apparently scenes from Monty Python’s Life Of Brian were used in the showreel that the production team created when they were initially pitching Horrible Histories show to the BBC.

It hasn’t yet been revealed which period the film will be set in, nor which members of the TV cast will be appearing in the feature. While we wait, a fifth series of the sketch show is in production with a sixth also commissioned.

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