Surfin’ USA: The Velvet Onion American Amazon Store!

The Velvet Onion is proud to open it’s official Amazon US store!

For the last few years, we’ve been offering our readers around the world the cream of UK products via our Amazon affiliates store – which helps keep the site running, as well as being the perfect go-to place for comedy connoisseurs looking to add to their collections.

Now at last, we can offer our friends in North America a dedicated store which is filled with Region 1/A discs, and other items only released in the USA.

What makes that even better, is that unlike our UK store, we can offer you video downloads of TVO favourites – which we’ll be adding to in the coming weeks.  This includes shows like Hot Not To Live Your Life and Mongrels, which are not available on dvd in the States, so it’s a sure fire way of adding to your collections without paying a fortune to customs!

You can access the store via the handily placed link at the top of the site, or just click on the word MOOLAH, and spend some of those fine Washingtons.  Get yourself some funny, help us make some money!

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