Stubbings Causes Bedlam

© Channel 4

Whilst Channel 4 indulges us with non-stop original comedy from some of our favourite talent for Funny Fortnight, we’re constantly spotting some TVO acts on our current favourite terrestrial channel.

Celebrity Bedlam is the new show that takes celeb-pranking to the next surreal level. Lee Kerns’ show focuses on a different topic for the bases of their wind-ups each week- last week took on the subject of ‘Health’ and Rachel Stubbings makes a hilarious (and somewhat unpleasant) appearance as a Colonic Irrigationist.

This episode, along with the rest of the series, is well worth a watch so to catch all of the past episodes and to see some well-known faces yelling ‘The plague!’ and ‘The consumption!’ dressed as one of your 5 a day (Yes you read right) – you can watch them over on 4OD for the next month. The next episode airs this coming Wednesday (29th August) on E4 at 10pm.

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