Sidney Is Stubbed

© Rachel Stubbings / Underbelly

Slap bang in the middle of her Edinburgh festival run, Rachel Stubbings has found the time to knock together a quick edition of Stubbing Out Problems for you poor souls stuck at home.

Not content with solving the issues of festival goers over the last few weeks (gaining four star reviews no less!), she’s taken the time out of her hectic schedule to help poor ol’ Sidney, whose main problem seems to be that he looks the spitting image of great stand-up comic Nathaniel Tapley, let alone his test results.

You can see the results below, check out previous editions of Stubbing Out – featuring the likes of Stephen Evans, Alice Lowe and Tom Meeten – over on Rachel’s YouTube Channel, and if you’re going up to the Edinburgh Festival this month, you can catch her at 3pm every day in The Underbelly, Bristo Square until August 27th.

For tickets, just click on the phrase FOUR STAR REVIEWS, BABY, YEAH!

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