Kaye joins the Game… Of Thrones

© Nickie Divine

New cast members for the third season of Game Of Thrones were announced at the San Diego Comic Con last weekend – and these included none other than Paul Kaye!

The comic legend, already boasting an impressive dramatic acting cv, has recently been wowing the crowds in Tim Minchin’s musical adaptation of Matilda, but his latest challenge will be to portray red priest turned fire wielding warrior Thoros Of Myr in the next run of the fantasy epic.

He will join fellow Mongrels cast member Tony Way who portrays shamed drunken knight Dontos Hollard in the series, as well as a string of big name new stars as the series progresses through it’s adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s seven book saga.

Also joining the cast is fellow British comic Mackenzie Crook – best known for his work in The Office and Pirates Of The Caribbean, but who also appeared in several shorts by Ben Gregor alongside many TVO regulars available collectively as Blake’s Junction 7 – and Kaye’s young co-star in Matilda, Kerry Ingham.   Their casting is accompanied by that of Dame Diana Rigg,  Clive Russell and Thomas Sangster.

Series Three of Game Of Thrones starts filming shortly, for transmission next Spring.  We’ll be bringing you more news as we find it, peelers…

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