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Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy is to receive it’s dvd premiere in Australia next month.

News of the release of the entire first series, complete with extras including behind the scenes footage, first appeared on blog The Momus Report, and naturally, we at TVO were highly curious.  After all, this release is seemingly premature – with the UK launch date pencilled in for early next year, and for once, we were completely out of the loop!

TVO confirmed news of the release with Noel directly today, as well as the possibility that a release in R2 may – and we stress may – be pushed forward to compensate.  We’re sure we can speak for the fans when we say we’re really hoping this happens, and that a dvd is joined by a simultaneous blu-ray release to really take advantage of the glorious visual canvas Noel & Nigel Coan crafted for the series – not to mention our own behind the scenes footage which has been incorporated into the official making of!

With plans for series two starting to take shape (more on those in due course, but don’t think you’re just getting more of the same!) – it does make logical sense for the first series to be released in tandem with its launch, but if you’re desperate to have Luxury Comedy in your Christmas stocking, let us know in the comments on this article.

In the meantime, check out our behind the scenes documentary which provided peelers with an exclusive insight into the making of a cult classic, below.


Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy is released on dvd in Australia on August 22nd.

8 Comments on The Luxurious Digital Oz!

  1. I am really surprised (and excited!!!!) that it’s being released here in Australia first!! Any news on where we can pre-order or anything?!


  2. We may as well be on Mars here in Oz. We don’t get to bump into Noel while we’re doing our shopping or all the other tantalising stuff you Brits can fantasise about! Our biros are poised at the ready to write our thank you letters to whoever decided to throw us this delicious crumb 🙂 x


  3. Hang on a seccond, next month!!! FANTASTIC! This news has made my day! 😀


  4. Will someone please explain what a “torrent” is to the powers that be and how they work on the Internet.

    I’d like to see the end of region coding and staggered releases because, really, that marketing strategy is dead.


  5. Maybe just as soon, a release in the US?


  6. Unbelievable! I came to London from Australia this year hoping it would put me at the centre of all Boosh and Noel Fielding activity and now Australias getting some action. The world is officially against me 😦


  7. I would love to purchase a t-shirt or poster of the finger puppet ad for Luxury Comedy. Alas, I can not find such. No Scribblings t-shirts either. Any plans for merchandising these projects? Dave Brown mentioned the poster on twitter, but I have heard nothing since.


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