Behind Many Scenes: A Profile of Dave Lambert

One of the things that distinguishes The Velvet Onion from other entertainment websites is that the artists we write about are in some way connected to one another. And some are more connected than most.

© Dave Lambert

© Dave Lambert

Dave Lambertof Baby Cow productions, is one such person, although you may only know him for a small fraction of what he’s done.

© Baby Cow/Sky Atlantic

His latest project is the new Alan Partridge shows currently airing on Sky Atlantic. The run kicked off a couple of weeks ago with the critically-acclaimed Welcome to the Places of My Life, and was followed by Open Books With Martyn Bryce last week. From Monday we’ll be able to watch Alan recording his radio show in the first of six half-hour Mid-Morning Matters. Be prepared to laugh and cringe equal amounts!

Dave Lambert produced and directed Welcome to the Places of My Life, produced Open Books With Martyn Bryce and edited the Mid-Morning Matters series. He’s been involved in a number of Steve Coogan projects over the years – his first back in 2003, producing the ‘making of’ documentary for the movie Cruise of the Gods (starring Coogan, Rob Brydon and David Walliams). Trivia fans may also be interested to note that Dave was the clapper loader for the movie itself too.

© Baby Cow/BBC

However, many of you will have first encountered Mr Lambert’s work via The Mighty Boosh. As the man behind the camera for all of the Boosh DVD documentaries, Dave deserves the gratitude of a legion of fans as the man responsible for providing those precious behind-the-scenes glimpses of the making of Series 1-3.

What you may not realise is that Dave also worked on the show itself, as 3rd assistant director for the first series of The Mighty Boosh. He also filmed the Boosh on their trip to the US in 2009, but so far there’s no news of the footage surfacing. We live in hope!

© Baby Cow/BBC Three

If that little lot wasn’t enough to justify Dave Lambert’s presence in the TVO Hall of Fame, there’s more: He was 3rd assistant director on AD/BC: A Rock Opera (as well as appearing in the film as one of the townsfolk), a member of the production team on Nighty Night and he directed Dolly & Laura. That’s one serious pedigree.

Dave’s talents behind the camera haven’t been ignored by the wider world of comedy either: he’s worked on a number of non-TVO related projects too, including Marion & Geoff, Ideal with Johnny Vegas and a long list of Gavin & Stacey documentaries.

Look out for our exclusive interview with Dave coming soon, when we’ll be asking him about his work with Steve Coogan, The Boosh and everything in-between.

In the meantime, don’t forget to tune into the current Coogan run on Sky Atlantic, with episode 1 of Mid-Morning Matters starting at 9pm tomorrow.

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