Club Fantastico Rides Again

Steve Oram and Tom Meeten return to The Vandella on July 12th for another round of Club Fantastico, with some very special guest stars.

© Dave Brown

© Dave Brown

We told you back in May that Oram & Meeten’s revived club night would be returning this summer, and we hope that a lot of you took that, and their appearance at TVO Live [the same day the shot above was taken by Dave Brown] as a good excuse to buy tickets anyway.

However, if you were still unswayed, the duo announced the line-up for the new show today – and it’s a corker – with Waen Shepherd returning as Gary Le Strange, alongside Alice LoweAlex Kirk and Sean The Prawn!

Tickets for the show on July 12th are just £10 on the door, or £7.50 in advance via We Got Tickets over yonder.  You’d be mad to miss it!

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