The Second Second Coming

A new spoof of The Stone Roses comeback emerged today.

© Al Campbell

© Al Campbell

The short from the mind of Nico Tatarowicz focuses on the return of the Manchester indie band of the early 90s, and sees the likes of Dan Renton Skinner, Will Andrews and Adeel Ahktar transform into the cheeky Northern chappies, whilst Peter Serafinowicz crops up as Morrisey and TVO’s very own Tony Way and Lucy Montgomery appear as Shaun Ryder and Bez respectively.

If it all sounds too good to be true… You can view the results, courtesy of director Al Campbell (Newswipe, How TV Ruined Your Life) below.

1 Comment on The Second Second Coming

  1. That impression of John Squire’s sad beagle expression is so accurate it’s uncomfortable.


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