Chat Show Roulette

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Some familiar names almost crept past our peepers in a new show to come from the Soho Theatre!

Chat Show Roulette is a new take on the traditional chat show format, there will be a host and three guests, but the guests are all comedy performers and they won’t know who their characters are until their names, occupations and key character traits are chosen randomly from glass bowls filled with suggestions from the audience.

Justin Edwards will be the host over three evenings (26th to 28th June), at the Soho Upstairs, starting at 9.15pm.

The guests for each day are:

Tue 26 – Matt Lucas, Humphrey Ker, Simon Day, Phil Whelans and Katherine Jakeways

Wed 27 – Matt Lucas, Marc Wootton and Julia Davis

Thu 28 – Matt Lucas, Katy Brand, Adam Riches and Dave Schneider

Tickets (£12.50) and more information can be found at the Soho Theatre website.

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