The Real Horror Of Anna: Colin Hoult Review

Never have two shows been so different as last night’s two warm ups from Colin Hoult at Leicester Square Theater. Velveteer Paulyne jots down her thoughts on the two shows.

The intimate Lounge venue was filled with no more than 30 of us and as the lights dimmed we began with the Real Horror Show.
Colin Hoult began by lying on a table in front of us. He then lifted himself as if waking from the dead and Hoult’s elderly gent character started the evening which turned into a look through his family tree.

© Idil Sukan/Draw HQ

It’s a great concept and a perfect way to thread the whole show together, rather than the usual string of sketches. Each segment went from ingenious laugh-out-loud one-liners, to utterly shocking and distasteful – in the best sense of the word!

Hoult is one of few comics on the circuit who takes you through so many genres in such a short space of time. It was – in essence – a one-man play; full of monologues that will keep you at the edge of your seat in your most vulnerable state – which is how I assume Hoult likes his audience and he takes full advantage of you!
Colin Hoult brings back the original Brothers Grimm genre in its most grotesque form and just with the power of his performance.

Go and see the Real Horror Show when you can – the next being at Latitude festival this year, the full line-up and other details can be found right here.

Once we recuperated from the intensity of the previous hour, we then sat back and enjoyed the glamorous presence of Anna Man.

© leicester square theatre

As lady of the stage, screen, small screen and smaller screen, Anna tells her story starting in her childhood and through her five marriages (including her current spouse, Tim Smiles, who accompanies her on piano) and beyond.

The essence of the show was that of cabaret, and we heard Man’s stream of consciousness as if at a low-key Jazz club. Her fabulous wit and bluntness about previous jobs and ex-husbands was hilarious. With such a powerful, confident presence, it’s difficult not to instantly adore her. I found myself absorbing every inch of her train of thought, even when she completely digresses.

Audience interaction at this show was taken to a new level– where the entire audience found themselves huddled in Anna’s dressing room!

This show is raw, messy and utterly realistic, and early on you forget who you are actually watching. That is clearly Colin’s power.

Whether she may consider you a fish, a pig, a bull or a snake – I highly recommend you pay her a visit at her next intimate evening and be utterly bowled over.

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