Bitch Boss Booshdom Double

Tonight brings comedy lovers everywhere two chances to see Sharon Horgan on their tellyboxes, with a few other familiar faces from Onion Land too.

© Linda Nylind

© Linda Nylind

The Playhouse Presents comedy pilot Psychobitches, which we told you about recently, airs on Sky Arts at 9pm – featuring comic legend Rebecca Front as a psychotherapist interviewing a variety of  famous historical figures all played by big star names.

These include Horgan as Jane Austin and Freida Kahlo [following hot on the heels of Tom Meeten there!], and the fabulous Katy Brand as George Elliot and Joan Of Arc.  You can see a preview clip, featuring Catherine Tate below.

Its director, League Of Gentlemen star Jeremy Dyson is also the script editor of Horgan’s new murder mystery sitcom – Dead Boss – which airs its third episode tonight at 10:30pm over on BBC3.

© BBC / Philip Fisk

© BBC / Philip Fisk

In tonight’s edition, another familiar face guests in the form of Anna Crilly.  Crilly plays a German cannibal killer on a prison exchange, who makes life even more difficult for Sharon’s character, Helen.

With Bunny And The Bull star Edward Hogg also in the series as creepy work-mate turned stalker Henry, and the ever sublime Jennifer Saunders returning as the wicked prison governor, this strange fusion of Psychoville and The Vicar Of Dibley is one you won’t want to miss.

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