Memorabilia Sale

If you’ve ever fancied getting your hands on some Robots in Disguise memorabilia, your time is now…

© James Sutton

Dee Plume is selling a handful of personal items on e-Bay that have featured in photography for RiD as well as an episode of The Mighty Boosh.

You can bid for the vintage diamond-patterned braces that Dee’s wearing in the image on the left from the publicity shoot for the single La Nuit, a customised turquoise blouse that was worn for the premier of Come On Eileen – and even a necklace that she wore in the ‘Party’ episode of Series 3 of the Boosh (which was apparently admired by Electro Peaches at the time!).

The starting price for most items is only £10, so getting your mitts on some bona fide memorabilia is finally affordable. Hurry though, because the bidding has already  started.

To check our Dee’s other items visit her seller’s page here. And keep looking, because she’s promised more exciting bargains soon!

1 Comment on Memorabilia Sale

  1. rindehoops // June 13, 2012 at 12:04 am // Reply

    loving this! Exciting im certainly having a cheeky bid! 🙂


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