Flint, Brown & Boosh

© Dave Brown

As you may have spotted via Dave Brown‘s twitter, the photographer, graphic designer and great ape is launching his first photography exhibition next month!

We took it upon ourselves to find out a bit more about the show from the man himself, and Dave was kind enough to serve up some extra tidbits about what you can expect to see: “This is basically a little kickstart tryout for me to do more, and show more if there’s interest in London and around. I literally have thousands and thousands.”

The Behind The Boosh exhibition will be launching at the salon Flint in Norfolk, which is run by a friend of Dave’s who has been discussing the idea of an exhibition with him for a while – and now the dream has become a reality.

It will contain many photos from the last fifteen-plus years of the Boosh (some never seen before!), all printed, framed and hung for your own tiny peepers. Not only will you be able to view the pieces, there will also be limited edition prints and posters that will be available for you to buy!

We all know that Dave has been snap-happy throughout the life of the Boosh, so it’ll be exciting to see what we’re going to be shown after all these years.

The show launches on July 8th and will run until July 20th, or with the possibility of it ongoing. Open on Monday to Wednesdays from 9am to 5pm and on Thursdays & Fridays from 9am to 6pm.  Initially, the exhibit will be invite-only but will then be open to the public in due course – we’ll keep you well peeled with more info as soon as we get it.

For now, you can take a peek at a selection of Dave’s photos on Ape inc, and we leave you with a personal favourite.

© Dave Brown

© Dave Brown

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  1. would love to see this as a book someday (hint hint)


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