Linehan And The Count

Graham Linehan is working on a new sitcom for BBC2, based around the character of Count Arthur Strong.

© Tristram Kenton

Count Arthur Strong is a character created by and played by Steve Delaney, Arthur is a confused ex-variety star with delusions of grandeur and a unique way of mixing up his words. Some of you may remember him from the 2008 Teenage Cancer Trust comedy night, hosted by Noel Fieding, when he shared the bill with a bevy of TVO favourites: Dan Clark, Matt Holness, Oram and Meeten, Noel and the Mighty Boosh Band.

The TV sitcom will introduce  a new character to Arthur’s world, called Michael. The son of a famous comedian, Michael meets up with Arthur to learn more about the double-act he and his father had, which he intends to include in the biography he is writing about his Dad. However, given Arthur’s tendancy to muddle things, it’s not that straightforward!

In a recent interview with The Irish Times, Linehan said of the new show, “I’m really looking forward to getting to know Arthur better, creating an obstacle course for him to stumble on. Every time Steve channels him and does the voice I’m cracking up, and I suddenly know what the next line should be, or the next scene, exactly how and where he can be funny. Steve has an approach to Arthur that is instinctive and warm, and I’m looking forward to getting deeper into that.”

We’ll be sure to let you know if we hear any more about the production. In the meantime, if you want to find out more about Count Arthur Strong, check out this youtube page.

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