Farnaby Is The Queen… Cos He’s Quirky!

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Last week, we pointed you towards up and coming E4 sketch show The Midnight Beast, which is set to feature guest appearances from Simon Farnaby.

Now the musical sketch trio have uploaded a clip from the show to their official YouTube page, featuring Simon as you’ve never quite seen him before.

We’re used to seeing Farnaby in all manner of daft costumes, but in the build up to the Jubilee, he was the last person we were expecting to dress up like Queen Liz 2.0 – and his cameo appearances in this video are the icing on the cake for a rather brilliant rap summary of those poncy fools we’ve all seen in Camden, the Northern Quarter, or any other ‘trendy’ zone.

You can catch the video below…

The Midnight Beast will air on E4 this summer, directed by Ben Gregor, whose links with Onion Land go way back – together with Tim Plester, he created a trio of shorts featuring the likes of Farnaby, Tom Meeten, Steve Oram, Kevin Eldon, Waen Shepherd and Stephen Evans featuring famous stars of yesteryear in ordinary present day situations: Ant Muzak saw Adam & The Ants go late night shopping, Blake’s Junction 7 had the crew of the sci-fi classic stop off at a service station, and World Of Wrestling featured 70s Brit grapplers take a drunken night bus home.

Gregor then went on to make The Wingnut Tapes with Oram & Meeten, in which the Mancunian rave band attempted to unleash their concept album upon the world, before Ben headed up series of IdealNo Heroics and The Increasingly Poor Decisions Of Todd Margaret.

With The Midnight Beast reuniting him with Farnaby, and the show being produced by Mary Burke (SubmarineBunny And The Bull), we’re going to be keeping a close eye on this one…

Editors note: Thanks to @LaurenW_x for finding this video for us!

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