Coogan Matters

As we reported previously, Steve Coogan has moved over to Sky Atlantic to make the latest series of Mid Morning Matters.

© Baby Cow Productions

© Baby Cow Productions

Along with this, the channel has ordered up some extra Coogan in the form of some one-off specials!  Alan Partridge: Welcome To The Places Of My Life, and Alan Partridge: On Open Books With Martin Bryce will air later this year, followed by a re-edited series of Mid Morning Matters and with the full second series coming in 2013.

As if all of this couldn’t be more exciting, we are also going to be treated to Uncle Wormsley’s Christmas. Narrated by Coogan and will feature the voices of none-other than Julia Davis and Julian Barratt for this animation about an old man and a crab he cares for, which ends up the victim in a plot by the Crab Catchers. This will presumably be aired around Christmastime and we’re eager to find out more about this dark, surreal tale.

Whilst we all get our breath back from the amount we have to look forward to, you can read what Coogan had to say himself about his Sky takeover right here!

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