The Velvet Onion can confirm that the proposed dvd and blu-ray release of Mongrels Series 2 has been scrapped.



The cult puppet sitcom from the mind of Adam Miller, and featuring a bevy of TVO regulars, was given a big budget revamp for its return last Autumn, but the show was cancelled alongside almost every other show on the BBC3 roster by new controller Zai Bennett in January.

A dvd release was given a placeholder spot on Amazon during the run of Series 2, yet failed to materialise.  Six months after the show finished airing, we asked the bods at @bbccomedy on Twitter what was happening, and they confirmed: “There’s currently no plans to bring Mongrels 2 out on DVD, but it is available on download – for example on iTunes.”


Ah yes, iTunes. The series has been available on there quietly for some time, bafflingly in standard definition only, despite broadcasting in hi-def and the first series being made available in the format.

At £1.89 per episode, and £15.99 for the entire run plus the behind-the-scenes mockumentary, it’s a costly alternative to a physical release, in a vastly inferior format, and in only one region – blocking out international viewers of which the show has legion – but alas it seems for Mongrels fans, it’s the best we’re going to get.

Of course, the situation may change – as long forgotten shows from yesteryear leak out onto disc on a regular basis.  If BBC Worldwide realise the commercial value of a real release, we’re sure it will happen.  The fan-campaign starts here… and we’re sure somewhere out there at least one of you is drafting your petition right now.

In the meantime, you can download Series Two here – and see a classic clip from the second series below.

3 Comments on Mongrelled

  1. As you point out Didy it’s a costly alternative to an actual dvd. I really enjoyed the series and the dialogue was thought provoking as well as being funny. I loved that episode where John Terry’s dog got in the van and all the other girl dogs swooned! Hillarious! Maybe if some enterprising fans draw up a petition of some kind it will help! Good luck!


  2. I love that clip by the way. Absolute genuis – “And all for some sex with a pedigree chav!”.


  3. rindehoops // May 17, 2012 at 1:28 pm // Reply

    where do i sign?! It infuriates me the rubbish and repeats they pass off as ‘entertainment’, yet something as geniunely funny, new and entertaining such as Mongrels is not given a chance AND to further disappoint viewers we are not given the option of purchasing the dvd. I for one prefer hard copy dvds, cds etc. I like to read the covers, admire the artwork, Im not interested in souless downloading. Also physical cds and dvds make great presents. Here’s a download doesnt quite cut it. BBC Three needs to seriously revise its thinking.


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