Canoe Ride 3000

David McNeill will be taking his first solo show to Edinburgh Fringe this year!

© Dave McNeill

© Dave McNeill

As the build up to Edinburgh looms ever-near, we’re treated to low-key previews from every which way way in the upcoming months.

You’ll be able to see McNeill’s show with the abstract name, Canoe Ride 3000, at the Pleasance theatre in Islington on Monday 21st May!

If Zimbani was right up your street then we can’t think of a better reason to see one half of the duo take to the stage at the biggest comedy event of the year!

To Grab your tickets for the first of his previews and for more information, you can find all right here.

Remember, you can also catch David at our own TVO Night on May 31st!

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