Meet Neil Cole

© Neil Cole / Dave Brown

The beauty of The Velvet Onion is that it reaches far and wide, though sometimes that reach is so wide that its easy to miss names staring you in the face.

Neil Cole is a new name to The Velvet Onion, but his name has been circling around our pages for many years and we thought it was about time you met him, ahead of his latest collaboration.

Neil will be appearing with Rich Fulcher in Rich Fulcher and His Fucked Up Friends, at The Vandella on Thursday 10th May, but this is not his first time on stage with members of The Mighty Boosh.  They worked together in 1998 in Edinburgh when Noel, Julian and Rich were guests on Psycho Vertigo Disco.

Remaining a close friend of the Boosh boys, all these years later, his 2011 Edinburgh show Neil By Mouth was co-directed by none other than Dave Brown, who shot the promotional images for the tour like the one seen here.

Other comedy work includes being a founder member of The Pros From Dover, who he still occasionally performs with.  As well as Richard Glover, he has previously collaborated with the likes of Tom Meeten, Steve Oram, James Bachman, Barunka O’Shaughnessy, Waen Shepherd and The Actor Kevin Eldon, has opened for Russell Brand on tour, and his former comedy partner Tom Hillenbrand appeared in AD/BC.  Truly, a layer of onion worth peeling!

As well as stand up, Neil has wide experience of radio and tv work and has presented many extreme sports programmes, he has even met The Hairy Bikers! In 2009 he interviewed Noel, Dave and Mike at the NME Awards for NME Radio.

There is an interview with Neil at where you can find out more about him and his work, and you can also catch up with him on  FacebookTwitter and on his YouTube channel.  We’ll be speaking to Neil ourselves as soon as we can, so stay peeled – and if you’re off to see him perform with Fulcher this Thursday, tell him t’Onion sent you…

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