Some Girls

Mongrels creator Adam Miller has recently wrapped his first project since the show was brought to an untimely end – and it’s a brand new sitcom for BBC3 with an onion flavoured sprinkling.



Entitled Some Girls, the six part series from Bernadette Davis – the creator of cult 90s sitcom Game On – follows the lives and loves of a group of quirky 16 year old girls living on an inner city estate.

Starring Adelayo Adedayo, Colin Salmon, Natasha Jonas, Mandeep Dhillon, Alice Felgate and TVO’s very own Dolly Wells, the show is one of the first in a string of new commissions expected for a new look BBC3 after its controller Zai Bennett axed every comedy in its line-up for a clean break.

Directed by Miller and set to air on BBC3 later this year, the show’s producer Justin Davies promises “an unadulterated celebration of teenage life: messy, sexy and a little bit wrong – but always lots of fun”.  TVO will do its utmost to keep you peeled.

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