NME Does Barratt

Following in the wake of Julian Barratt‘s pop promo directorial debut is an interview with the man himself in this week’s NME.


Pushing to one side the eyebrow-raising title of the interview, much of the article focuses on Julian’s involvement in producing the video for Tanlines’ new single. He explains his vision for the film, which features regular collaborator Stephen Evans: “I just wanted a lot of odd people basically. I didn’t want to be in a time or place. So they’re dressed slightly 1950s, but it looks like the 70s. And then I don’t want it to look as if it’s in any particular place, even though they’re singing in English. I want it to look like it might be being filmed in East Germany in 1981. Maybe.”

He also talks the new projects he has in the pipeline, including writing a film with Simon Farnaby (not “Barnaby” as NME seems to think he’s called!) and a TV project that he describes as “a sort of science fiction thing.” He also adds, “I suppose Noel and I will do something again at some point. We’ll just choose a time when we’re both ready.”

Julian also goes on to praise Luxury Comedy for its uniqueness and uncompromising quality, but admits it’s a little weird to see the other half of his double act go off and do something else. He describes their relationship as, “Like brothers. We have our differences but we’ve been through so much.”

To read the interview in full pick up a copy of this week’s NME. Or the hi-tech amongst you can buy it online by clicking here.

6 Comments on NME Does Barratt

  1. aw 😦 the end bit about him admitting it’s weird that Noel did something without him made me sad 😦 I really hope they get together soon and release the album or make the film


  2. Even for the NME, calling Julian “the other one from the Mighty Boosh” was crass and ignorant beyond belief. Oh well, at least they got his picture right this time – you can never be sure which random hairy bloke’s photograph they’ll choose next… On a more positive note, it’s lovely to see Julian getting some publicity again – I loved his Tanlines video and I’m looking foward to learning more about his film project with Simon F.


  3. Lizzie madcap bell // March 24, 2012 at 7:09 pm // Reply

    Lol… when you have no money and i decided to just read it in the middle of sainsbury’s.


  4. The video is how I imagine life if we colonized the moon in the 70’s and these people had nothing to do now but hang out at this bar/bingo hall because now they were stuck on the moon and mining had stopped. I also dig the colors and all that.


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