Julian’s Tanlines

Julian Barratt published his first tweet today, to publicise the new Tanlines video for All Of Me, which he directed. The video also stars TVO regular Stephen Evans.

The video, which you can see below, is the second  from their album Mixed Emotions which is available to buy now. Details about where you can get it are under the video on YouTube.

There is also a making of video featuring Julian, which you can see below:

4 Comments on Julian’s Tanlines

  1. Thank you for Posting some Julian news! Nice work Mrs. Barratt….as usual. I like the song as well.


    • I saw this first without knowing who was behind it. I found myself here and there today thinking about the imagery and movement, thinking I loved the vibe, movement and great art direction. How cool to find it was Julien Barratt directing. Even more to love! Dark comedy , unexpected beauty, repression, nostalgia, longing, great music. Good work!


    • OOPs! Mr. Barratt obviously.


  2. Okay, so first I’d like to proclaim that I love Julian–(no worries Julia) the mysterious VHS tape that a man in a trench coat pulls from a briefcase and screens for a roomful of “senior-centric” peeps whilst the Euro-synth-pop jam of the Tanlines guide them to their feet, love it too! (Does anyone hear early New Order? Love them too!) From the first awkward movements up to last the last alien-like synchronized dance step, the video is a perfect fit for the song. In the end, no one, not even the security guard is immune from the infectious beat. Love it!


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