Loose Tapestries Goes Old Skool

© Loose Tapestries

Regular peelers will be aware that the Loose Tapestries (the band behind the music in Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy) have an album out; indeed, many of you will already have the download.

But what about having that album on glorious, glossy, crackly, old skool vinyl? Yes please.

500 copies of the Loose Tapestries album, featuring music by Noel Fielding and Serge Pizzorno, are being released as a limited edition set in honour of Record Store Day on 21st April 2012. Record Store Day is a celebration of local record shops, with a series of happenings taking place around the UK in honour of the humble record store. This year a number of limited edition vinyl releases will be on sale  – of which the Loose Tapestries album is one.

To find out if your local record shop is participating click here. And if you want to see what other limited edition releases will be marking the occasion have a gander at this.

Editor’s Note: Many thanks to Elin Cath for this information.

5 Comments on Loose Tapestries Goes Old Skool

  1. OK! Is there anyone in the UK who would like to pick me up a copy and make a quick 20 bucks? 🙂


  2. I really hate that I live in Sweden right now 😦 I want a copy so bad…


  3. Aw, come on! I want a copy… Why do I have to live in Sweden? We can’t get our hands on anything here… :´(


  4. I live in England but I can’t get one because my nearest participating shop is 50 miles away and I can’t drive 😦


    • Scratch that, I got one! It’s AMAZING! It has to be played at 45RPM though, and I nearly forgot to change the speed! Oops!


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