Echarse Una Siesta Con IAMX

© Levi Lenaerts

Good news for all IAMX fans – the band is scheduled to play shows again later this year!

If you have been following IAMX on their Facebook page or through Chris Corner‘s blog, you are fully aware that the 5th IAMX project is underway. While we all patiently wait for brand new music, we can already now make sure we get ourselves a healthy dose IAMX later this year.

The band is scheduled to perform at Siesta Festival in Hässleholm, Sweden on June 3rd. The three-day festival has a line-up featuring IAMX, Death Cab For Cutie and The Hives so why not head down to beautiful Sweden? Go to the official website for more information regarding the Siesta festival.

Fear not – if you cannot make it to Sweden then maybe Russia or Ukraine is a better option for you? IAMX will visit St. Petersburg on 1 November and then head to Moscow on 3 November. Ukrainian fans will have the opportunity to see Corner play live on November 10th when they perform in Kiev.

Keep your eyes peeled for more news regarding live shows and who knows – if you are lucky enough maybe you will get to hear some of the new material during these shows!

*Editor’s note: The Spanish phrase in the title might be incorrect.

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