Lucy Get’s Bleached

© Fosters

Another week goes by, and another great new The Fast Show webisode has been launched by Fosters.

This week sees TVO’s very own Lucy Montgomery as a recently dumped fiancée, receiving relationship advice from that champion of pub wisdom, Billy Bleach (played by the ever delightful Simon Day).  Meanwhile, the Suit You Tailors meet a premiership footballer, The Girl Who Boys Can’t Hear attends a meeting and there’s another visit to the legendary Jazz Club.

You can see the episode below, and check out previous episodes over on the Fosters YouTube Channel now!  New editions will be uploaded every Thursday at 1pm, with Lucy set to appear in next week’s edition too.  Steve Coogan fans would also do well to keep their eyes peeled to the the Fosters channel for the forthcoming return of one Alan Partridge too…

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