The Milky Boosh

Two key members of the Booshniverse have just re-united for a new TV outing. Before you jump to the wrong conclusion, we’re talking about Boosh director Paul King and Julian Barratt – in an advert for milk.

King has directed the 30-second spot for Lactofree lactose-free milk, which features hedgehogs in a supermarket (apparently all hedgehogs are lactose-intolerant so they represent perfect brand spokespeople). The voice-over on the ad comes courtesy of Mr Barratt.

What’s more, you can watch it here. As Julian says, “Say yes to hot buttery crumpets!”

5 Comments on The Milky Boosh

  1. Well that’s just BRILLIANT!


  2. Oh dear, I love that SO MUCH!


  3. I saw it! Excellent!


  4. I wish Julian would do something more than just voice -overs, but being a father must take most of his time.


  5. I’m currently on a dairy and wheat free diet.

    My mum saw this ad on telly recently and said I had to try that product.

    I told her it was Ju that did the voiceover and she seemed very happy.


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