Digital Treasure

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Sky’s recent adaptation of Treasure Island is now available for pre-order on blu-ray and dvd.

The two part mini-series which aired over the new year period featured an all-star cast including Elijah Wood, Eddie Izzard and Donald Sutherland – and TVO’s very own Julian Barratt was on board as gamekeeper Thomas Redruth.

There are currently no details on any extra features for the release, which is pencilled in for June 11th, but both standard and hi-def versions are up for pre-order now in our TVO Amazon Store for just £17.99 (blu-ray) and £11.99 (dvd).

1 Comment on Digital Treasure

  1. I only watched Treasure Island because I heard Julian was in it. 😀 Julian doesn’t appear often, but it was really enjoyable. I loved Eddie Izzard in it, he was brilliant. x


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