The Rise Of Chris O’ Dowd

If you’re a regular peeler, you’ll already be aware that Chris O’Dowd is one of the nominees for the 2012 Orange Wednesdays Rising Star Award at the BAFTAs. Tomorrow evening we’ll find out his ‘Vote For Me’ twitter campaign has achieved it’s objective (we hope you voted!).

© Contour

© Contour

This week O’Dowd has appeared in a couple of interviews, talking about his nomination as a “Rising Star” at the age of 32, his star-studded life in Hollywood, and his engagement to journalist and presenter, Dawn Porter. Thankfully, it sounds like his Bridemaids mega-success hasn’t changed him and he’s still the same Roy underneath.

Check out this interview in Shortlist magazine, in which O’Dowd describes the moment he discovered that Clint Eastwood knew who he was and explains why cold baths aren’t to be recommended for nude scenes.

Then take a peek at this one in the Mail Online, where he talks about the filming of his new series Moone Boy, and explains the thinking behind the twitter campaign to drum up votes for his nomination: “I’ve been doing quite a bit of shameless promoting and I feel awful about it. It feels really embarrassing to be going on Twitter and asking people to vote for me. There’s a big part of me that wishes I could be above it all and not care, but I feel that as I work in comedy there won’t be that many opportunities to win awards, so I’m going against my instincts and self-promoting, even though I don’t have a hope in hell.”

We’ll be gunning for you, Chris! The Orange British Academy Film Awards will be on BBC tomorrow at 9pm.

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